Check out our top tips below


1. Description

Include a clear, detailed description with as much info as possible. The description is there to answer any potential questions before the customer can ask. If you were buying, what would you want to know? Technical specifications such as make, model,  size and mechanism are essential.



2. Search Terms

Think about the key search terms you’d use if you were searching for your product, and include these in your description to ensure your ad turns up in the right search results.

3. Include a price

Make sure you include a price! This is of course one of the most important pieces of info for your customers, and ads without prices can be off-putting

4. Photos are everything!

The more photos you have, the better! A full view of your product on a non-distracting background is essential. Consider close-ups of any specific features or wear & tear you may have mentioned in your description; these will all contribute to more enquiries. Please make sure your photos are of a good file size, in focus and well lit.

5. Videos gain more interest

Videos of your product being demonstrated in context are great to include. This will give potential buyers a clearer idea of your product’s features and capabilities, again increasing the chance of enquiries.

6. Share on social!

At the final stage once your ad is posted, you will have the option to share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have social media pages, this is a great way to get your advert in front of a willing audience straight away.

7. No need for contact details 

There is no need to include your email or phone number in the advert itself, as your contact details are automatically included on the advert page once it is published on Gunstar, ready for your customers to get in touch with you directly.