Selling Made Simple

Gunstar is the number one marketplace for buying and selling all things Gun related in the UK!

We’re all about connecting buyers with sellers.

Why are we the number one shooting marketplace?

Over 200,000 buyers browsing monthly

Target a continually growing audience of shooting enthusiasts actively browsing Gunstar with the intention to buy.

Get your adverts seen by thousands

Over 400,000 page views every month means that your ad is viewed thousands of times a month by people looking to buy.

4 key points


Include a good description

Having a good description will allow the buyer to know more about what you are selling. Include as much description as possible!

Take presentable pictures

The better the picture, the more the buyers can see… having bad pictures will not only put a bad presence on your ad, it will also make someone less likley to buy

Set a fair price

Think about the value of the item and consider the condition it is in and the selling prices of others that are similar to yours.

Share it on social media

Show your friends and family what you are selling, this will increase the amount of people who see the ad and gain more interest


With over 2 million users going through our site every year, get your voice heard (and your ad seen) by many!


We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our selling process quick and easy – you could take up a new hobby with all the time you save!


Join over 80,000 people happily selling with us!


…and the emails coming in. As every month we recieve over 28,000 enquiries

Gunstar are a great network who have helped bring my blank gun business into the new level with advice and support. Gunstar always try to better your business, with fantastic people, I could not recommend them highly enough

Selling made simple

So now you know why Gunstar is the number one marketplace for buying and selling all things firearm related in the UK and we’ve shown you how easy it is to place an ad with us… what are you waiting for?