Who are Longthorne?

Since 2010 Longthorne have been building high quality bespoke shotguns. Their guns can be found in the cabinets of people such as the Duchess of Rutland and other high profile clients from heads of state to leaders in industry.

The main aspect that sets Longthorn apart for other manufacturers is their barrels. Their patented barrels are designed and manufactured in-house by a highly innovative method and process. They take a single piece of high specification steel weighing approximately 27kg and machine the barrels from this single block which end up weighing approximately 1.3kg depending on their length. This process not only means the barrels are far more accurate than those that have been “pulled together” but are also extremely strong.

A pair of Longthorne barrels even took the impressive weight of a Range Rover! They were then put back on the gun and used as normal.

How are they advertising with Gunstar?

After a long discussion about statistics and demographics between Elaine, Longthorne’s Marketing Director, and the Gunstar marketing team, an advertising package was crafted that we were confident would not only drive people with an interest in buying a new and bespoke shotgun to their website but also highlight their specialist barrel technology which makes them a truly unique gun maker.

The package included:

  • A 20,000 impression banner takeover of the shotgun category spread over 3 days a month
  • A square, eye-catching MPU advert on the shotgun details pages
  • An email automatically sent out to users who show an interest in buying a shotgun (760 have been sent so far)
What results have they seen?

The results for Longthorne have been outstanding. The industry average for skyscraper banners (those that appear at the side of a web page) is around a 0.04% click through rate. Longthorne’s takeover on Gunstar, which was made up of two skyscrapers, generated 536 clicks from 20,000 impressions over just 3 days. This is a 2.57% click through rate and far above the industry average.

Additionally, the targeted email that was sent to 760 people who have shown an interest in buying a shotgun had an open rate of 35.1% and a click through rate of 26%, which is almost unheard of in email advertising.

This just proves that the targeted nature of advertising on Gunstar, teamed with a great business and product offering, such as that from Longthorne, provides unparalleled results.

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