How to check your stats

1. Log in and check your trends
  • Go to Gunstar > Log in > My account (top right corner)
  • From here you’ll see your business dashboard
  •  From your dashboard you’ll be able to  view your trends, this includes the total amount of pageviews, leads and phone clicks. You also have the option to view stats from either the last week or alternatively last 4 weeks.
2. Checking Stats
  • If you go onto the stats you can view your statistics in a different format to the graph. You can view your increases and decreases by percentage.
3. Individual Ad Statistics

You can also view your statistics for each of your gun ads. To do this all you have to do is:

  • Go on the left hand column of your dashboard > under ‘my ads’ > click on ‘stats’
Active Ad Stats

You can see each of the statistics for your active ads if you click on the ‘active’ tab.

AV – Ad views

ID – Ad list displayed

PV – Photo views