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Do you want to target a large audience of shooting enthusiasts who are actively browsing our site with an intention to buy? Here at Gunstar, we are giving trade members 15% OFF our email and banner products, meaning you can put yourself in front of 400,000 visitors every month!

Partnering with the UK's No1 Gun's Classifieds website

Great platform for Trade Members to increase their business' brand awareness to a captive audience

Perfect targeted engaged audience of 400,000 gun & country enthusiasts

Excellent return on investment

Response driven Gunstar marketing tools & products

BASC Tade Members will benefit from preferential rates and excellent marketing products

Select the type of advertising you’d like below

BASC Trade Member

Email Marketing Showcasing

Do you want to drive more business? Have an event coming up? Or want to promote a new product?
Email advertising with Gunstar allows you to get your message in front of our highly engaged audience of over 14,000 email contacts, giving you the best possible results!

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Targeted Marketing: eg Location, Types of gun, etc
  • Fully trackable – Open rates, click-through rates & interactions
  • Multimedia platform – Mobile, Desktop & Tablet
  • Fully customizable content to suit your advert

Segment our Database

When sending an email to our database, we give you the option to choose your audience, to ensure you’re reaching the most receptive customers likey to respond to you.


Region, town or city

Type of gun enquired about

For example – People who enquired about ‘shotguns’ in the last week or month

Type of gun advertised for sale

For example – People who have advertised their ‘BSA R10’

BASC Trade Member 

Stocklistings Marketing Showcase

Stocklistings are at the heart of Gunstar and our most popular products amongst gun dealers! Stocklistings allow dealers to upload ads via the mobile app, or the Gunstar website for our audience of over half a million visitors to see every month! Whether you have 2 guns or 200, we have a suitable package to suit you.

Key Benefits of Stocklistings Marketing


  • Constant exposure to our large and relevant audience
  • Broadcast your ads to our partner sites with ease, savingyou time and money
  • Simple process to upload new ads even from our unique phone app!
  • Manage all enquiris in one place
  • Packages to suit every level of dealer

BASC Trade Member 

Banners Marketing Showcase

Banner advertising is one of the most measurable and transparent forms of advertising compared to offline marketing techniques, advertising your business via banners on Gunstar is, therefore, the ideal way to increase your brand awareness and drive customers to your website!

Key Benefits of Banners Marketing


  • Perfect for building credible brand recognition
  • Constant exposure to our large and relevant audience
  • Ideal for marketing an event or promotin
  • Targeted banners for a specific category
  • Banners to suit every type of advert

Type of Banners



Placement: Desktop only
Size: 970×250 Pixels
Benefits:This large, high-impact banner is perfect for building credible brand recognition and delivering high click-through rates and conversions. The billboard is located in a prime and prominent location on desktop computers at the top of the screen.
Banner Location: Top of the search results
Min CPM: £7

Multi-Device MPU

Placement: Desktop only
Size: 300×250 Pixels
Benefits: Never miss an audience with an MPU! This banner has the benefit of displaying on multiple devices and even on automated emails that we send to thousands of users every day.
Banner Location: It will either appear on search results pages, ad details, homepage or automated emails depending on device and package.
Min CPM:£5

Native Ads

Placement: Desktop, tablet and mobile
Benefits: This new product is different from standard banners and has been strategically placed within online content where users are browsing. Native ads are great for boosting brand exposure and engagement.
Banner Location: Search results and ad details under the description
Min CPM: CPM or pay per click, call for further details


Placement: Desktop only 
Size: 1300×800 Pixels
Benefits: This high-impact banner visually packs a punch. Perfect for marketing an event or promotion. It can work in short sharp bursts throughout a weekend or over a couple of days in the week. This banner is the premier product for high conversion.
Banner Location: Search results and ad detail pages
Min CPM: £10

Over half a million visitors every month

A loyal customer following

40,000 adverts placed every year

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